And there's a great Brad Delp story to go with it......

by Lisa Garvey

When I was a DJ at Rock 101 (WGIR-FM), I held a songwriting

contest, and two men I am honored to call friends - Charlie

Farren and Brad Delp - agreed to be judges. 

Charlie is of course a fan of Brad’s and
(I don’t know if I ever

even told Charlie this) one night Brad told me that if he

could have been the writer of any song ever composed, it

would have been “Impossible World”. Brad Delp –the singer

from Boston and Beatlejuice, and quite possibly the biggest

Beatles fan I’ve ever known, didn’t wish he’d written

“Yesterday” or “In My Life” or “Something”, he wished he’d

written a Charlie Farren song! 

So when the day we judged the songwriting contest rolled

around, Brad privately played a song for Charlie that he was

working on but hadn’t finished. It was called “Tuesday”.

Years later, after Brad’s passing, Charlie approached the

Delp family about finishing that very song and recording it.

It stands now as a tribute to Brad – who you can just imagine

singing it. But also, as a Charlie Farren song – with his voice

and composition elements, AND the production of a Beatles

song – strings and all! I honestly think “Tuesday” could BE

the new “Yesterday”